40+ Essentials for Playing in the Sun

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All in the Bag

Dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Rosen shares her hot tips for staying safe in the sun.

Burning question: Do I really have to reapply sunscreen every two hours?If youre sitting in the shade, sunscreen probably lasts longerso you dont have to reapply every two hours. But if youre sweating or swimming, reapply when you finish those activities, says Rosen.Forgot to reapply your SPF? We got you (but dont let it happen again!). This lotion will cool and hydrate your skin.Dr. Hauschka After Sun, $32, well.caWhether youre hitting the road or rolling up to the beach, a pair of polarized sunglasses will reduce eye strain from the suns strong rays.Clearly Basics, $73, clearly.ca In this debut novel, a married English professor finds herself positively smitten with the much-younger Vladimirand youll be similarly obsessed.Vladimir by Julia May Jonas, $34, indigo.caA light straw hat with a wide brim delivers sun protection and style.Sun Hat, $17, WinnersThis golden-striped, oversized canvas carryall will hold everything you need for the day.Summer Tote by Love & Lore, $50, indigo.caSummer Safety Tips Spf

Sunny Side Up

This convenient SPF spray offers high UVA and UVB protection for both face and body. Plus, it keeps skin hydrated for up to six hours.Avene High Sun Protection Spray SPF 50+, $34, well.ca This natural, matte face cream with SPF 30 touts skin-soothing benefits from ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extract.Odacite Sun Guardian Day Creme SPF 30, $87, thedetoxmarket.caMid-day SPF touch-ups are a breeze with this brush, which dispenses loose powder to provide sun protection and regulate excess sebum (so your skin looks less oily).Mineral Powder Sunscreen SOLIS+ SPF 50, $59, idcdermo.comAfter a day soaking in sea water, your skin may feel dry. Shower off then coat your bod in this oil, which will moisturize and revitalize your skin.Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Body Oil, $73, dermalogica.caFeeling a little crispy? This spray cools you down and alleviates redness.CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray, $50, thedetoxmarket.caProtect your head with a scalp spray that wont make your locks greasy.Sun Bum Scalp Spray SPF 30, $20, well.caThis sunscreen is perfect for sensitive skin.Avene Aqua-Fluid Sun Protection SPF 50+, $31, well.caWitch hazel, which can relieve irritation, is the star of this face mist.Sun Bum Original SPF 45 Sunscreen Face Mist, $20, well.caThis primer leaves you with a velvety finish.Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF 30, $74, dermalogica.ca(Related: 8 Simple Tricks to Better Protect Yourself From the Sun)Summer Safety Tips UmbrellasBurning question: When Im under an umbrella, do I need to bother with other sun protection methods?You should still wear sunscreen because the sun can bounce off the ground and hit you. You also want to choose an umbrella thats large and has a high UPF rating [thats Ultraviolet Protection Factorlike SPF, but for fabrics] of about 50,”says Rosen.Fun in the sun needs proper protection. Before you hit the beach (or grass, or deck), snag one of these umbrellas.

Summer Safety Tips Clothing

Cool Toppers

Burning question: Do some hats offer more sun protection than others?Any hat is better than no hat. It should cover your ears, but if it doesnt, remember to apply sunscreen to them. Hats with a wide brim are best because more of your face is shaded, says Rosen.A light and loose linen shirt shields your shoulders and arms from the suns rays.The Oversized Linen Shirt in Apricot, $90, frankandoak.comA wide-brim hat is the best pick for keeping your face (and ears) out of direct sunlight.Floppy Sun Hat,$20, WinnersWhether youre strolling around the city or floating on the lake, this long-sleeve nylon top will help prevent sunburns.Ripzone Womens SL Solid Black Long Sleeve Rashguard, $41, sportchek.ca Keep your head in the clouds with this cute bucket hat.Cloud Bucket Hat, $17, WinnersThis lightweight, quick-drying jacket gives you both warmth and UV protection for breezy boat rides.Old Navy, StretchTech Loose Cropped Jacket, $55, oldnavy.gapcanada.caNo summer running uniform is complete without a baseball capand this sweat-wicking, reflective number is a good one.Lululemon, Fast and Free Ponytail Cap, $38, lululemon.com This swimsuit cover-up lets you linger by the water.Billabong Love to Lounge Cover-Up Shirt, $70, nordstrom.caSummer Safety Tips Shoes

Think on Your Feet

Burning question: What are the chances Ill get a wart walking around a public swimming pool?If you go barefoot in any public wet space, youre definitely increasing your chances. I recommend wearing flip flops if youre using a public shower or walking around a pool, says Rosen.Its the season of sandalsand blisters. These picks will keep your feet cool and comfortable.

(Related: How to Find Summer Sandals That Wont Wreck Your Feet)Summer Safety Tips Bug Spray

Bite Back

Buzzing question: Why are mosquitos so obsessed with me?Insects like you if you wear dark colours, if you wear fragrance or if youre hot and sweaty. If your bites are itchy, putting something really cold on the area can be helpful, says Rosen.This isnt your average button-up: This top is cut from fabric thats been treated with special mosquito repellent technology.Womens Tick and Mosquito Repellent Long Sleeve Shirt, $80, marks.comKeep your late-night patio chats going strong with a candle made with citronella, a natural oil that staves off bugs by masking the scents they like.Citronella Candle, $10, canadiantire.caNot a fan of stinky, sticky bug spray? This rechargeable, non-toxic, scent-free device releases repellent into the air, creating a 20-foot protection zone.Thermacell Radius Zone Rechargeable E55 Mosquito Repellent, $70, canadiantire.caNights spent under the stars are possible with this natural repellent spray that also keeps the itch from past bites at bay.Public Goods Insect Repellent, $14, publicgoods.comWe love the tree-bark print on this citronella candle.Citronella Candle, $25, Homesense(Related: Bug Bites Dont Stand a Chance Against These Natural Home Remedies)Summer Safety Tips Sunglasses

Raise Our Glasses

Burning question: How important is it to wear sunglasses?Very important. Sunglasses protect the skin around your eyes as well as your eyeballssome cataracts are induced by chronic UV exposure, says Rosen.Sunnies can do more than accessorizepolarised lenses can help prevent eye strain from squinting, and ones with UV protection (ideally UV 400) can help keep your eyes healthy.

Now that you know sun safety tips, here’s a sweaty gals guide to sunscreen.

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