The Best Blankets, Bed Sheets and Pillows for a Cool Sleep

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Cooling blankets in Canada

Ive always been a hot sleeperI’ve been shouting Did somebody turn the aircon off?! in a murderous rage since I was six years old. Now that Ive become a Woman of a Certain Age And That Age is Definitely Not 23, my need for products that will keep me cooler at night has become a bit of an obsession.When you sleep, your body temperature goes down a couple of degrees, but the heat that you let off often gets trapped in your mattress, pillows and bedding, which then slowly cooks you as if you were a sweaty little sous vide snack.Here are some products that can help keep you cool. One caveat: sleepor lack of it!is the biggest factor that makes my life 1) suck or 2) not suck, so while some of these items are pricey, this is one area where I think spending a little more on quality goods is worth it.(Related: Can a Weighted Blanket with Cooling Tech Help Me Sleepand Not Over-Heat?)

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