3 Easy Ways to Be Healthier in the Kitchen, According to Science

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1. Build a Nutritious Pantry

Is your pantry living up to its potential? According to registered dietitian Tracey Frimpong, it has the ability to help you make healthier and tastier choicesbut it could also make you sick. Here, Frimpong shares five tips for better food storage:

  • If you transfer dry goods to another container, write the expiration date on with marker or note the sell-by datedry goods last for a few months after that date.
  • Spices can last for two to three years, but theres a catch: The fresher they are, the more flavourful they are.
  • Most pantry items can be stored in a dry and cool space to keep them fresher longer. Nuts should go in the freezer so they stay crunchy.
  • Because whole-grain products have wheat germwhich is high in oil and goes rancid quicklythey expire faster than white grains.
  • Save the clear containers and the prime shelf real estate for the healthy goods, and hide the junk food.

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