Natural Deodorant Reviews: Which Ones Pass Our Sweat Test?

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Routine Cat Lady Deodorant

Routine’s Cat Lady Stick

If I’m being completely honest, what drew me to Routine’s Cat Lady deodorant was its nameand then its packaging. In my mind, the name suggested it smelled like homewarm layers, fresh flowers, something baking in the oven, and maybe a little bit of muskiness. Its scent is described as “pineapple upside down birthday cake,” but I think it smells more like homemade cherry pie. As for the packaging, its exterior is made out of cardboard, and its interior is made out of post-consumer-recycled plastic, making it a pick that’s good for both you and the environment.
The Workout: I tested it with an at-home 45-minute Tracy Anderson workout routine, which included dance cardio and a muscle exhaustion sequence on a mat.
The Sniff Test: I found this natural deodorant kept me very fresh-smelling post-workout, with no hint of muskiness. The formula is a tad slimy, so although my underarms felt a little…well-oiled, they weren’t wet either, so it helped to block perspiration as well.
Although I loved the smell of this deodorant and it worked well at preventing body odour and perspiration, I don’t reach for it every day, as it can leave marks on clothing, which is hard to wipe away. So I save it for days when I’m wearing light-coloured tops, and I enjoy smelling like a cherry pie-loving cat lady. Rene Reardin, digital editor
Cat Lady – Stick 50g, $28,
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