Trying to Drink Less? 6 Non-Alcoholic Beers You Need on Your Radar

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Best Non Alcoholic Beer Canada

Best non-alcoholic beer Canada

Since the start of the pandemic, alcohol sales have skyrocketed. A recent StatsCan survey conducted in January 2021 found that nearly a quarter of Canadians who drank alcohol before the pandemic increased their use. According to Emily Jenkins, an associate professor of nursing at the University of British Columbia, who studied the connection between mental health and substance use during the pandemic with the Canadian Mental Health Association, we’re looking at about a 20 percent increase.Jenkins points to the pandemics unprecedented stressors as the driving force behind increased rates of drinking. People are stressed about job security, changing economic situations, relationship changes and challenges, she says. Then theres the feelings of isolation, shifting changes on what we can and cant do and then boredom as well.This increased alcohol consumption can exacerbate existing mental health challenges like anxiety and depression, says Jenkins. Alcohol has depressant properties in our body, which means that it slows down activity in the brain and alters the chemical composition of the brain, she says. This impacts peoples mood, things like energy and sleep patterns that are really important to our mental health, concentration and memory. Jenkins is most concerned about an increase in risky behaviour, aggression and self-harm that comes along with increased drinking. Alcohol consumption can disinhibit behaviourit puts people at greater risk for these kinds of actions.If you want to cut down on your alcohol consumption, here are some of the best non-alcoholic beers available in Canada.(Related:Trying to Drink Less? These Tasty Summer Mocktails Make it Easy)

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