The Best Sustainable Beauty Tools For Every Step of Your Routine

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Green your beauty routine

We all want effective beauty tools, but these days, pondering a beauty purchase might include questioning its sustainability. Does it contribute to the plastic pollution problem? (A 2016 study revealed that only nine percent of plastic is recycled in Canada.) How much strain does it put on the worlds water supply? Where on the globe was it made and by who, and how were they treated? Theres lots to think about, and frankly, finding sustainable perfection in any one product is unrealistic.

What you can do is use your consumer power to support environmentally sound products and focus on the cumulative effect of making small changes to your daily routines. Thankfully, more brands are rethinking their impact on the planet, and there are now eco-minded options for every part of a beauty routine.

This is where details matter and small gestures, like swapping disposable cotton pads for machine-washable ones, can add up to a carbon-footprint win. Whether youre in the market for a makeup bag revamp, a sink-ritual renew or a greener way to shower, weve got you covered. And, in the spirit of paying it forward, these sustainable beauty buys also make thoughtful, unique gifts.

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