7 Prebiotic Foods and How They Can Help Your Gut

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Probiotic active components

Gut health basics

When it comes to disease prevention and overall wellness, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the health of your gut microbiome. That’s the billions of teeming bacteria and other organisms found in your intestines that help digest your food and regulate your immune system. In fact, as much as 70 percent of our entire immune system is in the gut, according to the Journal of Translational Immunology. The gut microbiome may impact everything from body weight to blood sugar regulation, and even mood, according to reports published in journals like Cell, the Postgrad Medical Journal, and Brain, Behaviour and Immunity.When it comes to supporting gut health, it’s a good idea to focus on both prebiotics and probiotics. Here’s what you need to know.(Related: Find out if you should take a probiotic supplement.)

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